One note in Android

I have been using One Note a lot lately (in the last 6 months). It is a nice application to save quick content, keep lists, and best of all, it makes it easy to share workbooks with other people.

The only grip I had, is that I could not use it with Android. Well, I got my new phone this week, and I have been installing apps. Because the new phone is faster I have also been readying more and keeping up to date.

Here is the RSS article I read


Today, we’re excited that the Office team is making OneNote for Android available in 57 markets worldwide with easy access to your notes on SkyDrive. The app also offers key OneNote features like checklists, image capture, table editing and support for hyperlinks. Please note that not all Android devices are created equal. You currently need to have a device running Android 2.3 or higher and with access to Android Market to use OneNote for Android.

OneNote for Android offers key features

If you have an Android device, we also encourage you to try other apps from partners built using SkyDrive APIs. For example with Browser for SkyDrive or Cloud Explorer for SkyDrive, you can view, access and upload documents or photos on your Android phone. Portfolio for SkyDrive lets you organize and upload photos from your Android phone in batches to SkyDrive. If you want to add SkyDrive support to your app, site or device, please visit our developer center.

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