Tablets, the future is changing

I have been looking for a tablet for a while. The galaxy tab impressed me, but not enough to purchase it. It was expensive and I could see the area changing.

I got a cheap Velocity Micro tablet (I think it was something like $70). The idea at the time was to see if I could start using the device more to justify spending more. In the end, it did not, and that tablet got really slow, really fast. Only thing I still like it is to check my work email, but I can do that in my phone (android 4 vs Andoid 2.1). So the tablet got forgotten in favor of my phone (Razr Maxx)

The iPad price and requirement of iTunes makes it not a choice, so I have been waiting.

Google released their branded Nexus 7, and this seems to be the first tablet that sparks my interest enough to maybe get it.,3249-7.html

As Tom Hardware points out, the problem with tablet is the price ($500 is too much for what is a convenience device) and the software being up to date. There are a lot of cheap tablets, but locked to old Android versions. Phones seem to have that problem as well. Android 4 (ICS) was released in October 29 last year, and it took more than 6 months to get the update for the phone. And it is likely we will never see 4.1 or the next version of Android on it. It seems that we are slaves to change our mobile devices when we want to use the new features.

The nexus line usually gets updates from Google directly, having new versions available as the come out. Hopefully this tablet will hold that promise. At $200 it definitively starts looking like a good promise that will get delivered.


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