Games for this weekend

on May 10, Wolfestein 3D became 20. This is quite old in gaming years, and this game is the granddaddy of FPS. If you have never played this game, you can play it for free and without installing it; right there from your browser

I suggest to also use the maps

I have spent several hours playing this game in DOS, pressing space bar all the time to find the secrets. I think I played it first in 1993/1994 and the internet wasn’t as mainstream as it is now. At that time you had to keep trying to discover secrets (imagine how difficult was to figure out Mortal Kombat fatalities).

Joystick has a nice coverage, with link for the free iOS game as well a commentary with John Carmack

Alan Wake

The PC version has been released in Steam, Amazon Digital and Gog, and it went on sale on all 3 sites. Amazon and steam don’t have the sale anymore, but gog does have it. Better yet, you can also pre-purchase Alan Wake’s American Nightmare as a bundle with saves you 15%, of the already discounted 25%. I love GOG

GOG weekend promo

gog is running a 1C wonderful classics this weekend. The listed games are 50% off. The UFO series is a gem, but the best game is Cryostasis. It is a really good game, with a great story and interesting gameplay. I have finished the game 3 times. There is a patch for Nvidia video cards to better utilize the PhysiX engine, allowing for more fluid water and ice effects. It actually makes the game even nicer, however, you need to start the game from scratch if you install the patch (the reason why I finished the game 3 times and not twice Smile )

Steam sale for this weekend

It is not as exciting, mainly since they had Batman on sale last week.

This week the main title that comes up is Portal 2, which strangely at $6.79 is cheaper than Portal at $8.49.

Skyrim is also on sale for the people that like to play NEW games. I am not one of those…I like my games under $10 Smile 

All the specials are listed here


Happy gaming


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